👤 About me

My name is Raúl Ferra, born in Spain in 1984, and I have been linked to the orienteering since I was 9 years old, starting first as a kids hobby, going through the competitive side later, and ending up as both my profession and my passion.

A little bit about my background…

I have a bachelor degree in Sport Sciences by the University of Granada (2002-2007) and I am an specialist in Orienteering Coaching (highest level in Spain) and Course-Setting.

During 8 years I was working as a Physical Education Teacher at different high schools in my home region (Murcia), job which I left in 2016 in order to accept the challenge that the Spanish Orienteering Federation offered me to be its Sport Director and Head-Coach of the national teams (2016-2019).

After an enriching experience, in the late 2019 I directed the launching of a professional training camp in Spain (Maximus Winter O Camp) and one of the most highlighted events of the winter (Maximus O Meeting) which have been developing continuously, and goes on providing probably the best orienteering training offer nowadays. I also became a partner of the company Sun-O where we offer some great training camps solutions for the winter in Spain, in so cool places such Guardamar, Barbate or Huelva.

Do you need an OCAD license? I am also an OCAD reseller in Spain! 😉

Since November 2019, I am working as the Head-Coach of one of the best orienteering clubs in the world: Halden SK, which is based in Norway and counts with super top elite orienteers, aiming for the highest international achivements.

And last (but not least), in 2022 I have started an individual coaching program, in order to have a close work with a very reduced number of athletes and help them towards their goals in orienteering.