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With this website, I intend to offer all members of the orienteering community a place of reference where to find different resources related to orienteering training. Its design is totally dynamic, so the content shown here will evolve over time, depending on the areas of interest that arise. The contents published on this website are, for the most part, self-created and freely accessible. If you want to collaborate or have any suggestions regarding content or methods, please, do not hesitate in contacting. I hope that what you find here is of your interest and helps you, at least, to reflect on the training process in the best sport in the world: orienteering.

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⭕ Coaching service

From September 2022, RF-coach individual coaching program (ICP) works with a very reduced group of orienteers with high ambitions both at the national and international levels. The aim of this program is offering to the athlete a fully personalized and integrated training plan for the whole season, providing all the necessary development instruments towards the desired goals. Who can be eligible for this program? The profile with a better fit to be part of this program is a highly motivated orienteer (man or woman)…

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❄☀️Training Camps 🇪🇸

The Winter is always a perfect time to organize a proper training camp to kick off the new season and get a good amount of quality kilometres of orienteering. Spain is the perfect place for that due to the great variety of terrains, good courses and nice weather. You can find the best options working with the best professionals: Maximus & Sun-O. MAXIMUS WINTER O-CAMP Maximus Winter O-Camp is an already consolidated project developed by the Spanish Orienteering Club: Máximus. In the Burgohondo area…

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