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With this website, I intend to offer all members of the orienteering community a place of reference where to find different resources related to orienteering training. Its design is totally dynamic, so the content shown here will evolve over time, depending on the areas of interest that arise. The contents published on this website are, for the most part, self-created and freely accessible. If you want to collaborate or have any suggestions regarding content or methods, please, do not hesitate in contacting. I hope that what you find here is of your interest and helps you, at least, to reflect on the training process in the best sport in the world: orienteering.

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WorldCup relevant – Training package

Halden SK offers an open training package in the Easter holidays and in the run-up to the World Cup in Østfold 2023. As the previous years, Halden SK invites you to a number of challenging technical trainings in this year’s Easter Package. This year, the training package consists of 8 different quality technical training sessions in areas relevant to the World Cup in Østfold, designed by RF-Coach. The package will be available from March 27th until May 15th. Map sales using a new online…

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The “ACE” system for Orienteering

In my time as a professional coach, I have been able to notice how a large number of orienteers (even at a high international level) have not internalized a structured system or method on how to do orienteering. Experience tells us that many of these athletes simply do orienteering “by feelings” without going through a routine and structured process that helps them achieve efficient and stable technical execution. I think this is a bug that usually results in poor and unstable technical execution, as…

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HSK Academy project

In 2023 we started a new project in Halden SK called HSK Academy. This academy consists of a series of webinars (approximately one per month) where various speakers talk about specific topics related to high performance in orienteering. With this initiative, we provide our athletes with one more channel of information to receive knowledge and experience from some of the most outstanding people in our sport. The format includes one or two speakers who present a specific topic and a time for questions at…

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