📡 Loggator

In the training process, the monitoring of the athletes and the technical analysis are two essential elements for progress. For this, the use of a tracking system is of great help to make the athlete used to be “observed” during the training and, in addition, facilitate the subsequent analysis with tools such as 2dRerun.

Recently, thanks to the RF-Coach agreement with Loggator, the athletes in the personalized coaching program already have a GPS device to use in all the training they do anywhere in the world. Loggator is a highly accurate system, very easy to use, and allows the use of public or private events.

Also, and this is no less important, having the possibility of real-time monitoring of the athlete’s training, often alone (many times at night) is a safety plus in case an unfortunate incident could happen (which surely won’t!)

Thanks to Loggator and especially Lacho Iliev for this agreement

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