O-Duel training for the highest intensity

As the start of the season approaches, and the conditions in the forest gradually improve (although this winter does not seem ready to go away easily), it is a good time to start focusing on high-intensity technical training, so that the runner recovers and improves all his psychic-technical routines in situations close to the competition feeling.

It is obvious that the o-interval sessions are the best way to achieve this target, and they offer us multiple variants to get a suitable length and intensity depending on our targets (low TH, high TH, VO2max,…). Sessions like 3x3k, 6x1k, or 10x500m types are common in the coming weeks.

As one more alternative, this Easter I have decided to propose a slightly different concept where we will look for a direct confrontation with our rival/mate in relatively short intervals (350-800m), where the runner must squeeze himself the maximum to win each duel. Now I just have to figure out what the “punishment” will be for the “loser”.

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