WCup relay: Tight battle and the “unfair” fair forking.

On the last day of this World Cup, the most fun discipline for the spectators was disputed, and where we were able to enjoy an exceptional atmosphere at the arena, as well as a very tight battle in both men's and women's classes. We were even able to enjoy a sunny afternoon! We could see … Continue reading WCup relay: Tight battle and the “unfair” fair forking.

WCup middle: Exciting and interesting course.

Although the course of the long-distance race did not leave us completely satisfied, the course of the middle distance offered us all the ingredients that an event of this dimension should have: a physically demanding course, with multiple changes of direction, controls that required precise orienteering, different areas where you need to change the type … Continue reading WCup middle: Exciting and interesting course.

WCup long: Execution over routechoices.

After a long wait, the international orienteering season finally got underway in Torebråte with the long-distance race of this World Cup - Round 1 in Norway. The course ran through the most pleasant area of the terrain, without major decisive route choices, nor dispersion systems to avoid "packs of runners" and, as we already anticipated, … Continue reading WCup long: Execution over routechoices.

The “ACE” system for Orienteering

In my time as a professional coach, I have been able to notice how a large number of orienteers (even at a high international level) have not internalized a structured system or method on how to do orienteering. Experience tells us that many of these athletes simply do orienteering "by feelings" without going through a … Continue reading The “ACE” system for Orienteering

O-Duel training for the highest intensity

As the start of the season approaches, and the conditions in the forest gradually improve (although this winter does not seem ready to go away easily), it is a good time to start focusing on high-intensity technical training, so that the runner recovers and improves all his psychic-technical routines in situations close to the competition … Continue reading O-Duel training for the highest intensity

Hot to react against a mistake?

Making a mistake is always a difficult and stressful situation, especially when we are in a very decisive phase of the race (for example, last leg of Tiomila, leading by 30", pre-last control,... and you find the control but... It's not yours!) There are different ways to react to this situation, and both attitudes and … Continue reading Hot to react against a mistake?