HSK Academy project

In 2023 we started a new project in Halden SK called HSK Academy. This academy consists of a series of webinars (approximately one per month) where various speakers talk about specific topics related to high performance in orienteering.

With this initiative, we provide our athletes with one more channel of information to receive knowledge and experience from some of the most outstanding people in our sport. The format includes one or two speakers who present a specific topic and a time for questions at the end.

As in any academy, athletes always have some homework that is discussed in the following webinar, along with some additional conclusions. At the moment, this project is exclusively for the club’s runners, but it is possible that an open webinar will be scheduled in the future.

To date, 2 webinars have been held:

  • Webinar #1: Mental preparation (Emil Wingstedt & Svetlana Mironova)
  • Webinar #2: Skills in Sprint (Megan Carter-Davies & Riccardo Scalet)

In the next webinar, the great Thierry Gueorgiou will talk to us about the orienteering method. Looking forward to it!

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