Olav Lundanes shares his tips!

If there is a runner who has amply demonstrated that he is capable of mastering the terrain of Østfold, that is without a doubt the king Olav Lundanes. In the last major competition held in this same area (WOC 2019), Olav won both individual races (long and middle distances), thus adding two more gold medals … Continue reading Olav Lundanes shares his tips!

Fosser picks his route choices

In the final stretch of the preparation for the World Cup, I wanted to collect the opinions of some of the greatest experts in Østfold terrain, so that we can obtain first-hand information that helps us to complement what was previously analyzed. But first, let's remember what legs it is about! LEG #1 LEG #2 … Continue reading Fosser picks his route choices

Route to World Cup #2 (with analysis)

The kick-off of the World Cup Norway keeps getting closer, the selection races for most of the national teams will be this weekend, and today we are just over 2 weeks away from the first race. Therefore, we keep going with this series of Route to World Cup, and today we propose a new leg … Continue reading Route to World Cup #2 (with analysis)

Route to World Cup #1 (with analysis)

There are only 22 days left until the first round of the World Cup in Østfold (Norway) kicks off, and only now the snow has melted after a long, and cold winter. As an aid in the theoretical preparation, I will publish a series of relevant legs on the old maps of the competition areas, … Continue reading Route to World Cup #1 (with analysis)

WorldCup relevant – Training package

Halden SK offers an open training package in the Easter holidays and in the run-up to the World Cup in Østfold 2023. As the previous years, Halden SK invites you to a number of challenging technical trainings in this year's Easter Package. This year, the training package consists of 8 different quality technical training sessions … Continue reading WorldCup relevant – Training package

HSK Academy project

In 2023 we started a new project in Halden SK called HSK Academy. This academy consists of a series of webinars (approximately one per month) where various speakers talk about specific topics related to high performance in orienteering. With this initiative, we provide our athletes with one more channel of information to receive knowledge and … Continue reading HSK Academy project

Creating an anticipated mental image

Creating an anticipated mental image of the zone of control is often a good method for achieving a precise and fluid attack on the flag. However, we must be sure that we correctly understand the topological structure of the area, which can sometimes be quite complex. In the example, a control where many runners made … Continue reading Creating an anticipated mental image