Olav Lundanes shares his tips!

If there is a runner who has amply demonstrated that he is capable of mastering the terrain of Østfold, that is without a doubt the king Olav Lundanes. In the last major competition held in this same area (WOC 2019), Olav won both individual races (long and middle distances), thus adding two more gold medals to his legacy (numbers 9th and 10th).

Although this time he will not be on the battlefield, he has left us some clues that will be important this week.

<< It is quite rough to be Østfold, and compared to WOC19, for example. Especially the old Svindal Varde map, but also the slope in Leg#2. So you can gain/lose more on the technical performance, than for example other terrains such as Akselås. I think those route choices are relevant and describe the challenges in a good way. There will be time differences on the routes, but how you execute them is as important. >> concludes Olav.

He also agreed to comment on the 3 route choices suggested in the series “Route to World Cup”. But first, let’s remember what legs it is about!

Do you agree with Olav? Do not be afraid to submit your comments!

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