The “ACE” system for Orienteering

In my time as a professional coach, I have been able to notice how a large number of orienteers (even at a high international level) have not internalized a structured system or method on how to do orienteering. Experience tells us that many of these athletes simply do orienteering “by feelings” without going through a routine and structured process that helps them achieve efficient and stable technical execution.

I think this is a bug that usually results in poor and unstable technical execution, as well as frequent mistakes that are difficult to fix in the future, since there is no execution model to modify or improve.

For this reason, I would like to share a model (ACE) that I have been working on lately and that includes the three phases of which the orienteering action is made up: analysis, choice and execution; with some key points that can help the athlete to create his own system. Obviously, there is no a perfect system for all, but I think it is important to reflect on it and contribute with some ideas.

Once the model or system is developed, the goal should be to automate most of the procedures or routines, so that our brain is “free” to adapt to the unexpected.

I know what to do and I go and execute ” (Usain Bolt)

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